Code Compliance

Are your elevators compliant with the upcoming mandated code updates per NYC Department of Buildings?

2020 Door Lock Monitoring:

This code states that by January 1, 2020 all automatic passenger elevators shall provide a system to monitor and prevent automatic operation of an elevator with the faulty door contact circuit. All controllers built to meet the A17.1-2020 Code  effective 2009 should have the door lock monitoring provisions built in. However, in 2016 the NYC DOB issued a service update bulletin starting that all existing elevators must comply  with ASME A17.3 and NYC DOB K3 rule 3.10.2. This update included modifications to Fireman’s service operation which many elevator controllers did not have provisions for 

Door Lock Monitoring – Due January 2020

ASME A17.3-2002, Appendix K, Chapter K3, Section 3.10.12: System to monitor and prevent automatic operation of passenger and freight elevators with faulty door contact circuits.

The NYC Department of Buildings can impose fines and cease use elevators that do not comply with these rules by the effective date.

REI offers:

  • Door Lock Monitor proposal review
  • Final sign off and 3rd Party witness inspection of DLM installation